Our Original Beef Pasty is the one that started it all. Each pasty is full of premium fresh Angus beef, fresh cubed potatoes, onions, and wrapped in our incredible homemade crust. This pasty is the culmination of over 100 years of Yooper tradition. It's our labor of love, given directly to you in honor of those who created it. Born from my family homestead roots in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. My Grammy always said to stay true, and I do. It's our calling if you will, to bring her handed down creation home to you. Taste this pasty and tell me personally if you dont agree that it delivers you a tasty meal for under $7. It's got a heck of a lot of nutrients, and isn't all potatoes!

original package

What people say about Grammy's Pasty's

Grammy's Pasty's are delicious! The one thing I must say is that they have a lot more big chunks of beef in them. Taste so much like my mom used to make and they will be a staple in my freezer! My brother gave them a big thumbs up too!
A fellow Yooper here dropping you a word about your Grammy's pasty recipe - DELICIOUS being the word! Your Grammy knew how to make a pasty, that's for sure!
Love your breakfast pasties! Goes great with crazy joes salsa!
I just cooked our Italian and Breakfast pasties for dinner and they were amazing, great work Eric!
The breakfast pasty was incredible! Perfect mix of ham & egg.
By far the best tasting pasty I have ever had.
I couldn't believe that this was a frozen pasty when I enjoyed the first bite. Simply excellent!

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